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12 free online resources tools about SEO


If you have put in the groundwork and learned your trade as an SEO marketer thoroughly, you will have a much better chance of ensuring that your website is the one appearing at the top of the search results whenever someone types in some relevant terms into Google.

Below we have listed some of the best free online resources tools for continuing your journey into SEO.

Be sure to check them out and make the time to familiarize yourself with them properly


Review My Web

review my web

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is a totally free online resources that demonstrates how you do in SEO versus your competition.

It measures and gathers the way you are performing over the web against your competitors in all of the key SEO tools metrics and offers key tips about ways to enhance your SEO performance.

sheer seo


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Free online resources computer software to track SEO indications with time. Provides current and historical views in a definite graphical interface.

SEO indications which are tracked by the program include:

  • back-links
  • SERP in Google and Yahoobing
  • PR of opted for URLs
  • main referral links analysis
  • quantity of indexed pages in Yahoo and Google
  • keyword density



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Compiled database of key words that individuals look for.

Tells you how frequently people look for the word and just how many competing websites use that same term on the search engines. Free trial offer available.

seo keyword ranking

seo keyword ranking Visit site

Track your ratings in the SERPs with time, filled with charts and step by step tracking information.

Includes export choices for Word and Excel. Automated reports are emailed weekly or monthly predicated on your preference.

Vertical leap

vertical leap

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Free gadgets and tools to greatly help bring together your Internet marketing repertoire from Vertical Leap.

See on top

seeontopVisit site

A cost-effective organic SEO Company on the primary Line in Philadelphia PA.

Email us to understand how exactly we make optimization affordable. We customize methods to fit our client's needs and budget and offer a free site evaluation.


Reel SEO

reelseoVisit site

Online video search engine marketing techniques news. Tips about how to optimize videos for Search engine (video SEO or VSEO).

Video search industry news and video sharing websites guides. All you should know about Video SEO.

Juice Analytics


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Search analytics tool to greatly help comprehend and act on the long-tail of search. Load search data from Google Analytics along with other common sources.

Identifies repetitive search sequences, visualizes phrases, filters by words, and summarizes performance by each word, pattern or query.

Web Conf


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This tools simulates the search engines by displaying the contents of a web page just how the search engines would view it.

Additionally, it displays the hyperlinks that'll be followed (crawled) by the search engines when it visits the specific web page.

Internet marketing ninja

internet marketing ninja
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For a search term, finds the very best 10 results ( as well as your URL ) in the Google listings and, for every one of these websites.

finds MSN and Yahoo rank, quantity of indexed pages, backlinks (domain/page/. edu), allinanchor and Alexa Traffic rank, domain age (whois), domain age (way back machine), search term count on every page, along with a hyperlink to locate related pages in Google.

Clever Stat

clever stat
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CleverStat offers SEO and web ranking computer software solutions, both free and free to try, including web site content analysis, web ranking and backlinks checking solutions

This list is just a small sample of the information that is free online resources available online which can help further your knowledge of SEO.

You should also do your own independent research and join Internet marketing forums to get all of the latest news and views from people who are implementing SEO on a daily basis on their own websites.

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