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17 essentials wordpress plugin latest 2017 | MUST HAVE


Here are some of the more popular plug-ins for WordPress, with a description of what they do, how they compare, and which ones you need.

Again, you must be careful that plug-ins do not cause conflicts with each other, with your theme, or with WordPress updates.

Make certain your plug-in is continuously updated over time with WordPress versions.

Yoast SEO

This is a comprehensive SEO plugin that will create a self-updating sitemap and allow us fine control over the SEO of the site.

Search for “Yoast SEO”. This is the one you are looking for.
Click the Install now link, and once installed, activate the plugin.

W3 Total Cache

w3 total cache

This plugin is essential because it speeds up your website. Page load speed, as mentioned previously, is an important part of SEO.

Google like fast loading pages, and once we have this plugin configured, your site should load several times faster than before.

Search for “W3 Total Cache”. This is the one you are looking for,Install and activate the plugin.

Custom Sidebars – Dynamic Widget Area Manager

custom sidebar

Essential plugin is called Custom Sidebars, and this allows us to create dynamic, context-sensitive sidebars (and other elements), on our website.

Search for “Custom Sidebars”, and look for this one by WPMU DEV.

Install and activate the plugin. That’s it. Those are the three essential plugins we need to set up for SEO purposes.



YARPP stands for ‘Yet Another Related Posts Plugin’.

It basically creates a list of related posts, dynamically, for each post on your site.

These posts can be automatically inserted after a post’s content, or you can insert related posts as a widget, meaning you can place them into any widgetized area of your template, for example, a sidebar. Search for “yarpp”.

Contact form 7

contact form 7

This plugin makes it easy to set up a contact form on your site. A contact form is an essential part of any website.

Whether or not you expect your visitors to contact you, the search engines expect good sites to have this option. Search for “contact form 7”.



Updraft Plus has a free and premium version. For most people, the free version is all you’ll need.

This plugin will automatically backup your site on a schedule you choose.

It will also help you restore your site from backup if you ever need to. UpdraftPlus can backup to Google Drive,S3, Dropbox,email, and other places. Search for ” updraftplus”

Broken Link Checker

broken link checker

If your site has a lot out outbound links to other websites (by the way, linking to authority sites within your niche is a good idea), then this plugin can check your outbound links and tell you if any are broken.

Google don’t like broken links on a site and may punish you if you have a lot of them.

Therefore, this plugin can help ensure this does not become a problem. Search for “broken link checker”

Social Media Flying Icons

floating media flying

Social Media Flying Icons adds stylish, floating social media sharing buttons to your site. There are a lot of social media sharing button plugins around, so try out a few.

I have included this one in the book because it is regularly updated, popular and has great reviews.

The plugin has a perfectly usable free version and a premium version for those that want the extra features. Search for “floating social media”.


Social Sharing Widgets

social media sharing

Major plug-ins for social sharing include AddToAny, ShareThis, Sociable, and SocialShare.

Incorporating these (or at least some of these) social functions is critical to your site and SEO in the modern context.

Stop Spammers

stop spammers

Spam Prevention WordPress comes pre-installed with Akismet, a great anti-comment spam plugin.

However, it is not free for commercial use. If you want a free plugin, try Stop Spammers Spam Prevention. Search for “stop spammers” and look for this one.



akismet anti spam

The good news is that the world is on WordPress. The bad news is that so are hackers and spammers.

Use antispam plug-ins such as Akismet to help you stand strong against hacks and crashes.

Backup Buddy


Backup Buddy allows you to migrate a completed WordPress site from one server or location to another.



JetPack pulls in helpful attributes from, such as WordPress analytics.

Google Analytics is better and more comprehensive, but if you’re addicted to the filtered, at-a-glance data from, these are helpful features of a plug-in.

Another example is allowing same-user logins. JetPack offers a number of these features, requiring only login and connection to a account.

Pretty Link Lite & Premium

pretty links

Pretty Link Lite is a free plugin (there is a commercial version too, but the free version is all most people need). What this plugin does, is allow you to set up redirects on your site.

Therefore, if you want to use an affiliate link on your page, you could set up a link like, and this would redirect to the affiliate site.

One other nice feature is that it tracks clicks on all of the pretty links you set up, which can be very useful. Search for “pretty link lite”.

All in One Security & Firewall

all in one wp

This is a comprehensive, free, security plugin that will protect your site against hackers. Search for “all in one security” and look for this plugin.

Google Sitemap Generator or Google XML sitemaps

google xml sitemap

A sitemap.xml file is a necessary file that captures the structure and pages of your website and communicates these to the search engines when submitted.

XML stands for Extreme Markup Language, a modern equivalent of old HTML website file formats. Often the sitemap file can be gathered and crawled by the search engines without your knowledge.

for example, as part of other plug-ins or software accounts. When optimizing a new website, you want to be sure to submit a correct sitemap file.

After you set it up and point the search engines to it, Google can regularly crawl it.

There are several methods, as well as WordPress plug-ins, to allow for generating and submitting sitemap.xml files for your site, but prior to installing a new plug-in, ensure the regular SEO plug-in you use doesn’t already include sitemap submission, as Yoast does, for example.

CI Backlinks

backlinks saver

This plugin allows you automate the internal linking of content across your site.

It is a plugin I use on all of my websites because internal linking done manually is an almost impossible task.

For example, when you add a new post to your website, you’d need to go and find all other posts that mention that topic so an internal link can be created.

With this plugin, you set up the rules and internal links are updated automatically as you add new content.

I will just tell you what they do, and if you want to add them to your site, you can use the help documents that come with them should you need assistance setting them up.

Remember this, The more plugins you install on your site, the slower it will potentially load. Therefore, keep plugins to a minimum, and only use ones that you actually need.

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