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what are the benefits and functions of backlinks ?



What is Backlink?

Backlinks have an important role in SEO.

Backlink is a link from our blog that linked or linked on other sites either natural or artificial.

There are 2 terms of backlink :

  • Dofollow backlinks are links linked on other websites but allow crawler robots to crawl the source link in full.
  • Nofollow backlinks are links linked to other websites but do not allow crawler robots to crawl the source link in full.

Backlinks are links / links that reside on other sites and point to our site.

Quality backlinks

Backlinks are also known as inbound links.  Backlink is an important aspect in terms of SEO, because backlinks will open up your site opportunity to be positioned over search engine (Page One).

Many search engines include google which makes backlinks an aspect of the algorithm.

if your website has a number of quality backlinks and a lot then your website will be better viewed in the eyes of Google. read also 30+ simple Link bulding ideas for SEO optimization

then what are the benefits and functions of backlinks ?

Maintaining the position of serp

If you've managed to improve blog position on search engines. So this time with a backlink you should be able to maintain the position of your blog in search engines.
Backlink is needed, especially if your blog has an article topic with a level of competition is not small.

The more backlinks on a blog the more popular the blog is in the eyes of search engines and the easier the blog and content in it to appear on the first page of search engines.

Improving website ranking

If you want your blog to have a good ranking on or similar sites, it's good you pay attention to backlinks.

Because sites like also count the number of backlinks to rank. Basically a pagerank tool to give the number or value of a blog ranking is based on the popularity of the blog.

The popularity of a blog is not only viewed from the amount of visitors traffic blog, but also from how many backlinks from the blog.

Often search engines assess the popularity of a blog from the number of backlinks from the blog. The more links that lead to a blog, then the blog is a blog that is recommended.

So with us doing the right link building then it seems as if we make our blog into a popular blog.

Increase Blog Visitors Traffic

When talking about blogs with a high level of niche competition, most of the first page of SERP is dominated by blogs with pagerank, DA (Domain Authority) and PA (Page Authority) are good.

Why is that ? of course because search engines just want to display popular and quality blogs on their first page.

As we know the first page of search engine if compared is wet visitors traffic blogs, because generally blog visitors prefer articles on the first page for their visit.

If our blog already has popularity and a strong position in the SERP then have imagined how will it be?

blog traffic will increase. If the blog already has a strong position in the SERP then the content in it is also easier to appear on the first page.

So do not be surprised why new articles on popular blogs are so easy to get comments from blog visitors, even though some are regular visitors who have already subscribed.


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