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Different Between Hoax Emails And Phishing Emails


email hoax itself is a fake news that deliberately made a scene. in order not to be caught lying, then it must be made convincing.

Either by showing proof of photos (editing results) or claiming to be a well-known company name.

email hoax often instruct us to forward them, sometimes with a curse-threat, such as to say that you will suffer the misfortune of seven derivatives if not forward it, or provocative persuasion that you will help others by forwarding email hoaxes the.

The weakness of email hoax is that it can not provide scientific evidence and reference from trusted web sites, but with the help of search engines, you may be able to search for the truth of news suspected of hoaxes.

What are the disadvantages of spreading the hoax :

  • Burdening Internet traffic / mail server with things that are not necessary.
  • What if the hoax is a fraudulent business of a particular party, and some are fooled after you have helped spread it?
  • Inflamed panic / irresponsible issues.
  • forwarding an email to some friends might just be a small thing but imagine if one email hoax is spread by some people, it could just grow. into hundreds of emails in a matter of days

email hoax dissemination does not mess around, just imagine a lot of email hoax that has grown rapidly until not infrequently a hoax has a variety of language versions, also several times mangalami "re-use", alias old hoax raised again.

Will Email hoax be stopped?

There is no right way to stop email hoax, except for your concern and others,

because every time you receive an email hoax, it is your decision to stop one of the links or make other links.

phishing emails Staying updated on hoax news on the Internet, will help you recognize your hoax, you can also reply to the hoax (who usually knows you too) with the correct information if you get enough references to disprove it.

If you are in doubt between a hoax and not, you can delete it or save it so as not to make other people go hesitant,

if you can not bear to forward it even after reading this article, at least give information below that the news is potentially hoax!


what is Phishing email

If some email hoax may still intend for fun, not so with phishing emails, which is clearly aimed at the criminal.

Phishing is a term that refers to the effort to retrieve sensitive information such as username, password or credit card details, by camouflaging identity through electronic communication.


Phishing emails are phishing attempts by means of email. So do not panic if one day you get an email from a reputable bank that you happen to also have an account there,

this phishing email instructs you to click on the bank's website link and fill in the private and confidential data there.

email or website results from the link is very convincing, the email address comes from the bank's website domain, there is also a logo and a bank statement that is similar to the original.

Here are some characteristics of phishing emails that you should be aware of:

  • "If you do not respond within 48 hours, your account will be 3 closed" Messages like this are deliberately displayed to create an urgent impression and cause panic until we do not think clear
  • "Dear Valued Customer" Phishing emails often do not include your name because it's randomly targeted, though do not believe it right away even if the email says your name correctly. It could be that you are focused 'as a target!
  • "Verify your account" A Company will never ask you to send usemame, password, and other confidential data via email.
  • “Click the link below to gain access to your account” Link is a HTML code that can be disguised, it could be a glance is a real website link, but the actual address does not lead to it, otherwise known as masked URL address.

Although actually still rare phishing emails that speak other language , but we should remain vigilant if you get an email with the characteristics as above.

Some spam filter engines have been able to reduce phishing emails of this kind so as not to interfere with the activity or the storage of email.

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