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Ever felt the need to learn the drawing, and realize that you can’t commit the time? Well, that’s where the internet comes to your rescue. With extensive detailed information available all over, anybody and everybody can pick up a new hobby.

We are going to show you how to take advantage of this. Apart from just strumming, everything right from learning how to read notes to actually playing any instrument is explained thoroughly online. The other hobbies that we will discuss here include art, cooking, and gardening.


You can’t consider art as a single hobby, you need to be specific about what exactly you want to do in your free time. While arts and craft lessons were fun back in school, very few take this up as a hobby.
art hobbies online

Now, elementary and intermediate courses are no longer necessary to learn the correct way to draw or paint. You can now sit in front of your computer and enjoy your new hobby. is one of the many websites that teach you how to draw, right from the basics. There is also a section on caricatures, which is really interesting.

Watercolor painting

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comes in really handy. Here you get to learn basic brush techniques and also some advanced techniques such as splatter and spray textures. If you are more interested.

Learn to draw

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is one of the many websites that teach you how to draw, right from the basics. There is also a section on caricatures, which is really interesting.

learn to draw and paint

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has helpful theory and techniques. This website also offers to teach you how to use charcoal and crayons in your art. So what do you do once you have completed your piece? How do you preserve it? These necessary details are also given at the same website.

What about those of you who don’t want to get your hands dirty with paint, that’s where digital art steps in. With software such as Photoshop or Corel Draw, you can create artwork using the mouse.

Deviant art

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to see what people have done using the computer as a tool for art. This website shows you some really beautiful artwork done by its members where software such as Photoshop is not just used for correcting images and adding final touches to a photograph, but instead can be used to create your very own unique style of art.


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which is actually an index of all the tutorials that people have created and submitted to different art-related forums and websites. Pixel2life also offers tutorials for a list of 2D-art related software and if you are planning to move with the times then you can use the same website as it has links to tutorials for 3D art software such as 3D Studio Max, AutoCAD and Cinema 4D.

Draw Manga

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the names of these websites speak for themselves, and there are many other similar ones out there. The next art form that you can learn online is calligraphy. This is the art of handwriting and is another hobby that you could pick up from the web.

Origami club

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as this site gives you detailed diagrams on how to create your own paper models ranging from airplanes to dinosaurs. This site also offers animated tutorials to help beginners in understanding how to start off with Origami.


Okay, this might not interest everybody reading this, but cooking is really a great skill to have and taking it up as a hobby will be a really wise choice. Food is one of the basic necessities that one needs to survive and cooking for friends is a useful social skill.

cooking hobbies online

Learning to cook online is really easy as there are tons of recipes and video tutorials available to help you. Many youngsters are opting to go abroad to study or work, and this is perfect for them as they might not always have a cook or might face a situation where cooking might be the only way out. So where should you start with this hobby?

Reluctant Gourmet

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And check this out Visit site

shows us, a basic tomato sauce or mashed potato is where you can start. After this, you can then move on to a simple pasta.

and for Indian cooking: Visit site.

Once you have mastered the basics, then check out recipe sites : Visit site

guitar hobbies online

Most of us love music, but not all have had the opportunity to get into the depths of witnessing what happens in the making of it.


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Discusses the fundamentals of reading musical notes. Each page sheds more light on tasks such as learning notes on a piano and understanding where the notes fall on staves

Data Dragon

Visit site.

For a more detailed understanding of reading music, you can visit this site.Once you can read music by yourself, you will find it easier to play the guitar or piano online.

Initially, you need to be aware of the theory behind the instrument you want to play.

Hear and Play

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Consider the guitar as an example. hear and play is a good website where you can learn more about the various parts of a guitar. This site also has vast information on the piano or the organ.

Ultimate Guitar

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Ultimate guitar is a site where you can learn various strumming techniques with the guitar. There are some detailed images along with lessons to teach you exactly how to hold the guitar and which chord to strum and when.

This site also allows users to post videos and tutorials to help others. There are also those who may not be able to understand all that we see on the internet.

Guitar Master Class

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offers a great Mentored Training Program where senior members actually help beginners improve their guitar skills. Learning just a single instrument might not be that interesting. With sound mixing software such as Zulu DJ Audio Software, you can become a virtual DJ.

You can mix songs you already have and create some exciting tracks. With this software, you don’t need to invest in expensive DJ and sound mixing equipment. Instead, you can practice with this right in the confinement of your home.


Photography has come a long way from the early box cameras to modern dSLRs, and the future is also looking bright for photography as 3-D cameras are already in research and development. So where does one start off if they want to learn about photography?


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The beginner’s guide it takes you through the basics of your camera and also gives you great information about some photographic concepts. Photonhead also includes many good advanced tips and tricks for those of you who already know the basics and want to learn more about photography.

Photo bites

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Visit this site to learn some advanced photography techniques and improve your skill level. Even though you read these guides and learn these tricks, putting them to use is important.

So anytime you leave your house taking your camera with you is a must. The inspiration for a photograph can just hit you anytime and anywhere. You might see a funny signboard or might even be caught up in a traffic jam when you could take a really great shot of your surroundings.

So what do you do when you have taken your photo? You can upload these photos to photo sharing websites. There is more on that in this issue.

Photography can also be linked to digital art as you can touch up your photo using software such as Photoshop.

Mod Casing

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Casing Mod Casing is basically any modification you do to a case (computer, console, phone), to change the look of it. This is a very niche hobby, but it is fun in its own way as it involves using tools to break and cut the metal from your cabinet.

is a great place to start off if you are new to case modding. This site teaches you from the basics: how to case mod just by doing a paint job on your cabinet to give it a new look.

But of course, you don’t need to start off with something that complex, though it is just phenomenal, the basics that most people start off with entails cutting the side panel of their computer case and putting a sheet of acrylic to make it transparent done really well at the linear1 web site.

Some of the resources mentioned would definitely draw your attention. Besides, is another great place to learn new hobbies.

Users have posted video tutorials on all the above-mentioned hobbies. If you actually keep practicing your selected hobby or hobbies you might even be able to make it into your career and make money from it. This shows another example of how you can indirectly make money using the internet.

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