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6 Ways To Improve Your Home Button


Here’s how to use some of the Home button’s main functions when using iOS 11 on any iPhone or iPad model :

Access the App Switcher

From any app (or from the Home screen), quickly press the Home button twice. Press the Home button again (or select an app) to exit the App Switcher.

Activate Siri

Press down and hold the Home button for two seconds from the Home screen or when using any app.

Reboot the device 

On older iPhone models and on all iPads, press and hold the Home button simultaneously with the Side button for about five seconds until the Apple logo appears on the screen. (without deleting any of your apps or data)

Return to the main Home screen

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When viewing any of the Home screens on your mobile device, press the Home button once to return to the main Home screen.

 Exit an app and return to the Home screen

When using any app, press the Home button once to exit it and return to the Home screen. Keep in mind that in most cases this does not shut down the app, it continues running in the background.

Wake up the device from Sleep mode

Press the Home button once when your iPhone or iPad is in Sleep mode. If the device is powered down, press and hold the Side button for several seconds instead.

Use the Touch ID that’s built in to the Home of compatible devices to unlock it, confirm a payment using Apple Pay, or when making a content purchase from the App Store, iTunes Store, iBook Store, or within a participating app.

Touch ID can also be used to grant you access to certain apps that otherwise require a password, such as a banking or credit card app.

Tips :

For iPhone X users, instead of using Touch ID to scan a fingerprint, the Face ID feature is used in conjunction with the phone’s front-facing camera for digital face recognition.

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