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Important features That You Should Know About iOS 11


Let’s take a quick look at just a few of the major new features and enhancements made to iOS 11. You’ll learn strategies for the best way to use the majority of these features later in the book. But first, here’s a rundown of what’s new and noteworthy about iOS 11:

App Store

app store ios 11

The App Store app, which grants you online access to more than two million apps for your iPhone or iPad, has been redesigned. It’s now easier to browse through the App Store to find, learn about, and acquire new apps for your mobile device.


This new app replaced the iCloud Drive app, and makes it much easier to preview, add, manage, retrieve, and share data, documents, files, folders, and photos, that are stored online, within a compatible cloud-based service, such as iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, or Box.

Being able to store files in the cloud allows you to free up internal storage space within your mobile device. However, to use the Files app and interact with cloud-based services, an Internet connection is required.

Apple Pay

apple pay ios 11

In addition to using Apple Pay to make online and retail store purchases, starting in early 2018, you’ll be able to use the Messages app to instantly and securely send cash to other people (or receive cash that gets transferred and deposited into the bank account of your choice).


Automatic Setup

Automatic Setup ios 11

When upgrading to a new iPhone or iPad, in addition to retrieving and moving content to the new device from an iCloud Backup that was created by your older device, this feature wirelessly gathers information ( like personal settings, iCloud Keychain data, and Apple ID-related information ) from your other device, to dramatically streamline the activation and setup process for the new device.


File Preview

When you press your finger on the thumbnail for a file within the Files app, or that you’ve received from someone else via email (as a file attachment), you can now see a preview of it, and immediately mark up or annotate that preview, before saving, printing, or sharing it with others. You also can open it within a compatible app installed on your iPhone or iPad.


Camera ios 11

On the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, the Camera app supports a new Portrait Lighting mode. It also offers improved image stabilization and a selection of new filters.

Most iPhone and iPad Pro models have an improved True Tone flash.

Control Center

Available anytime, the Control Center continues to offer quick access to iOS 11’s commonly used features and functions, such as the ability to turn on/off Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth From here, you can also adjust the screen’s brightness, control the Music app, and adjust the speaker’s volume.

For the first time, however, the layout of Control Center is customizable, so you can add icons for the features, apps, and functions you use the most often.

Do Not Disturb While Driving

Do Not Disturb While Driving ios 11

When turned on (either manually or automatically, depending on how you set up this feature), certain functions of your iPhone will be deactivated while you’re driving so you’re not distracted and tempted to engage in unsafe use of the smartphone.

For example , If you’re the parent of a teen driver, insist that he or she turns on this feature on their phone whenever they’re driving.


The redesigned Dock on the iPad is now accessible from the Home screen or while using any app.

In addition to being able to customize which app icons appear, iOS 11 predicts which apps you’ll want to use next, shows icons for recently used apps, and displays the app icon for the app most recently used on another iOS mobile device or Mac that’s compatible with the Handoff feature.

Augmented reality ( AR )

Augmented reality ios 11

The ability to use the iPhone or iPad’s camera to capture your real life surroundings in real-time, and then superimpose computer-generated content over what you see on the screen uses new technology that iOS 11 can now take advantage of in games, as well as a new category of productivity and lifestyle apps.


Along with providing you with up to the minute news about topics you’re personally interested in, from sources and content creators you select,

the iOS 11 edition of the News app provides curated Top Stories in a personalized format.

Drag and Drop

Drag and Drop ios 11

On the iPad, it’s now easier than ever to use the Multitasking feature to open and use two apps on the screen simultaneously, and then drag and drop content between apps.


When using this app for turn by turn navigation directions, it now displays the posted speed limit on your screen and indicates which lane you should travel in based on up upcoming turns or lane merges.

In addition to offering improved navigation information in more cities around the world and just about the entire United States, the Maps app now offers indoor maps for major airports and shopping centers.


QuickType Keyboard

QuickType Keyboard ios 11

On the iPad, the QuickType virtual keyboard now displays two letters, numbers, or symbols per key, and allows you to switch between them with an easy downward flick of the finger. On an iPhone, a new function makes it easier to hold the phone and use the virtual keyboard with just one hand.


Siri ios 11

Siri has been around for several years now, and the feature continues to improve with each new version. Siri’s voice sounds more natural, the feature can be used as a language translator, and Siri responds to many more types of app-specific commands and requests, while being able to obtain information from a broader range of online-based sources.

What you’ll soon discover is that with iOS 11, Apple has worked hard to make it easier to truly personalize and customize your iPhone or iPad, while giving you faster and more secure access to content that’s stored in your mobile device, or that’s available via the Internet.

In addition, apps integrate better with one another, as well as with iCloud and other popular online (cloud-based) services.

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