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increase more traffic with social bookmarking


Many people who rely on social bookmarking to increase website traffic / blog.

is it effective?

potentially, it can be said that it is true.

Here are the points that describe the potential of social bookmarking :

  • The more backlinks on the social bookmarking website that leads to your website / blog, the greater the possibility of your traffic will increase.
  • Even on the internet, you can find many tools to submit URLs to tens to hundreds of web social bookings with just one click .
  • it's just that these ways are potentially spamming. Submit topics can not only be done on websites that specifically provide social bookmarking services, but also on other characteristic websites, such as facebook, blogspot or even directly to your e-mail.
  • At point number 2, there is a sharing tool in the form of buttons that can direct your web pages to hundreds of social bookmarking websites / social networking / blog.
    add this

    addthis for social bookmarking is the only popular is Addthis, this feature can share a topic that comes from every page use this feature.

increase trafficUtilizing social bookmarking is one technique that is often used in SEO (search engine optimization)

if you already understand the concepts and tools needed, the conclusion of how to increase traffic with social bookmarking is as follows:


  • Make a niche / topic of interest.
  • Pack the topic nicely, preferably with an image, and give a clear description of the image.
  • this can help the image search feature to index it.
  • Submit your post to popular social bookmarking
  • Use another popular web as social bookmarking to create backlinks, such as twitter, facebook, instagram and others.


This way of giving follow backlinks directly to the website you submit on social bookmarking sites.

quality backlinks are the main factors for determining keyword rankings on search engines.

best social bookmarking

there are a few things to keep in mind when submitting URLs to bookmarking sites :

  • Complete the entire profile on the whole social bookmarking sites.
  • complete contents including username, contact, all details about you correctly, this will give you better credibility on social bookmarking profile.
  • Like and voting social bookmarks of others to get rewards too.
  • Save bookmarks from other people's sites.
  • do not spam too much on the list of social bookmarking sites by putting multiple URLs at once on the same site.
  • Always use a unique description each time you submit a bookmark on a different website.
  • Do not forget to verify the captcha provided on the website at the time of submitting the bookmarks site.
  • be careful with spam ads
  • Provide multiple tags on the bookmarking sites.
  • submit your website by choosing the correct category.

Here's a list of the best social bookmarking websites

The above steps will also be helped by search engines that automatically index the backlinks that are created, it is possible visitors come with the order of search engines -> web social bookmarking -> your website.

Topics that get an assessment, both from the social bookmarking community, can contribute a high traffic in less than a week, but usually tend to decrease.

this is because the topic is less desirable tend not to contribute anything.

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