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How to Integrating the Contacts App with Other Apps


When you first launch the Contacts app, its connected information is empty; but, you can produce and build your information in 2 ways in which :

  •  Sync the Contacts app with your primary contact management application on your computer, network, or online (cloud) based service, such as iCloud or Microsoft Outlook.
  • Manually enter contact information directly into the Contacts app.

After your contacts database has been populated with passages, Contacts works with numerous different applications on your iPhone or iPad .

Here are just a few popular examples :

  • If you’re coming up with a visit to go to a contact, pull up someone’s address from your Contacts information, then quickly get driving directions to the person’s home or work location from the Maps app.
    Within the Maps app enter someone’s name (or an organization name) into the Search field then tap their displayed address.
  •  Activate Siri and request directions to any person or company with an entry stored in your Contacts database.
    For example, activate Siri and say, “How do I get to smith house from here?”
  • If you embrace every person’s birthday in your Contacts info, that info will automatically be displayed within the Calendar app and be discovered to prompt you (in advance) to send a card or gift.
  • As you’re creating each Contacts entry, include a photo of that person by activating the Camera app
  • from the Contacts app to snap a photo, by using a photo stored in the Photos app that you link to the entry, or by acquiring profile photos from social media accounts.
  •  When you compose a new email message in Mail, begin typing someone’s full name or email address in the To field.
    If that person’s contact information is already stored in Contacts, the relevant email address automatically displays in the email’s To field.
  • When using FaceTime, create a Favorites list of people you often engage in video calls with, compiled from entries in your Contacts database.

  • From the Messages app, access your Contacts database when filling in the To field as you compose new text messages to be sent via iMessage, text message, or instant message.
    This means that you can simply type the person’s name in the To field, as opposed to their cell phone number or iMessage username.

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