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Make your backlink found by google ( Fast ways )


Google will only find about 20% of your backlinks. For every 200 backlinks you build, If Google doesn’t find your backlinks, then the backlinks won’t count for your website, and you won’t move up in Google’s rankings.

You can help Google find all your backlinks fast by creating tiered backlinks or you can use indexing services. before discussing further,

we find out how google works to find backlinks

So you need to know what elements and factors Google cares about, and how important these factors are in relation to each other. uses automated software to read, analyze, Compare, and rank your web pages.

Google uses automated software to analyze your website , not human beings. Which means that visual elements of your website that may matter to you like layout, color, animation, Flash, and other graphics are ignored by Google.

The Google search engine is like a blind person reading a book in Braille, anything that is graphical, spatial, or visual in nature is simply not seen.

Indexing services uses a wide range of techniques to make search engines aware of your backlinks. If you build quality backlinks, you’ll increase the chances of your backlinks getting indexed by Google.

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If you create low quality spam backlinks, then Google won’t index your backlinks even if you use an indexing software.

Here are three services that you can use to help Google find and index your backlinks:


All of the indexing websites above cost less than $19/month. You must create tiered backlinks or use an indexing service for your backlinks.
Most people miss this important step and they wonder why their website isn’t moving up the rankings.

I know some people that spend hours writing articles, submitting to directories, and creating profile accounts, but it’s all for nothing if Google doesn’t find those pages that contain your backlinks.

So we recommend that you only use these services to get your tier 1 backlinks indexed.
Don’t import pages from your actual website into the indexing software. WordPress is already setup to “ping” search engines when you publish new content to your website.

Tiered backlinks also called backlink pyramids are when you build backlinks to your backlinks. This sounds confusing, but it’s really simple.

Other websites that link directly to your website are considered tier 1 backlinks. Websites that link to the tier 1 pages are considered tier 2 backlinks.

For example, let’s say I created a Google+ that links directly to my website. That would be considered a “Tier 1” backlink because it links directly to my website.

let’s say I created three articles on Articles submission that link to my Google+ that’s considered “Tier 2” links because HubPage links directly to my Facebook fan page instead of directly to my website.

"You should create tiered backlinks for a few reasons "

Help Google find your tier 1 backlinks Make your tier 1 backlinks more important Protect your website from lesser quality backlinks.

A whitehat backlink pyramid will consist of quality backlinks on tier 1 and tier 2. So if your tier 1 backlink are on Facebook, and your tier 2 backlinks are on a quality article directory like HubPages, then it’s a whitehat pyramid.

pyramid backlinks

A blackhat / greyhat backlink pyramid is almost the same. A blackhat pyramid consist of a lot of low quality backlinks on tier 2.

For example, my tier 1 backlink would still be on an authority website like Facebook, but I would create 2,000 backlinks on tier 2 using a lot of spun articles on auto approve article directories.

The spun articles aren’t linking directly to my website, they’re linking to my Facebook fan page, so my website is technically safe.
Facebook isn’t going to get penalized because I sent 2,000 backlinks to my fan page, Facebook probably has billions of backlinks from all over the place.

The only thing that will happen is that Google will find my Facebook fan page faster due to all the links pointing to my page and index it.

The entire point of tiered backlinks is to create a “push” for your tier 1 links. Your tier 1 links should only come from authority websites.

Your tier 2 links can come from wherever you want, but if you want to be 100% ethical and “whitehat”, you can use social bookmarking websites for your tier 2 links. (Diigo, Digg, Folkd, Delicious, Google+, Reddit, etc…)


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