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How to moving file from android phone to your iPhone


The easiest way to transfer your items from your old phone (Android Phone) to your new iPhone 7 - iPhone X is through the use of Move to iOS app.

To use this method, please follow the instructions below:

Please note that you can only use this method while setting up your new iOS device, if you have already setup your iPhone, this method may not work for you, unless you want to erase your iPhone and start over.

Also, you will need internet connections on your Android phone and iPhone to use this method.

move to ios

Follow these step :

  • Download Move to iOS app to your Android phone from Google store
  • Open the app and tap Continue , Accept the terms and tap Next in the top right corner.
  • While setting up your new iPhone, look for the Apps & Data screen , Tap Move Data from Android, and tap Continue.
  • wait for a ten digit or six digit code to appear.
  • On your Android device, enter the code. Then wait for the Transfer Data screen to appear. Select the content that you want to transfer and then tap Next.
  • When the transfer process is complete, tap Done on your Android device and On your iPhone,
  • tap Continue and follow the on screen steps to finish setup process.

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