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Never Mess With Mozilla Quantum And Here’s The Reasons Why


Firefox has lost alot of ground to Chrome over the years, but it’s still an excellent and very capable web browser.Now,Mozilla has overhauled its softwarewith a faster engine, Firefox Quantum ,that makes use of multiple processor cores and prioritises the tab you recurrently using.

The browser has always been abit of a resource hog, but the latest release (also known as Firefox ) uses around 30% less memory when compared to the old version. And that’s not all that’s changed.

First Look

mozilla quantum

Firefox Quantum’s new interface isn’t hugely different from previous versions of the browser, but the tabs now have sharper edges, the page-reload button has moved and there are some new buttons in the top right corner.

Library section

library mozilla quantum

The Library section is one of the main new management tools and is home to all your saved content.

Click the button to access your bookmarks, Pocket list (saved items),downloads, history, synced tabs and screenshots. Recent Highlights sites you’ve visited ,appear below.






pocket for mozilla

Pocket is now a major part of firefox quantum. When you visit a site or page that you want to view later, just click the Pocket button.

You will be able to add tags - remove the page - or view your list of saved pages. Saved pages can also be viewed via the Library.

You can use Pocket with or without an account.


screenshotYou can now take and save screenshots directly in Firefox.

Goto a page you want to capture, right-click and select ‘Take a Screenshot ’ to open the screenshot tool.

Drag & Drop

You can also click and drag around an area of the screen to capture a specific section.

When you let go of the mouse,the area will be selected. Use the handles (dots) 1 at the corners and sides to resize it. Youcan cancel the capture, download the screenshot or save it to the cloud.

Pocket Page

pocket page mozilla

The Pocket page shows any content you’ve saved. Click the Recommended link to see articles and videos youmight like, based on past saves.

Explore lets you view the best of Pocket. The sidebar gives you access to Favourites and the Archive, and you can filter results by type and tags.


bookmark mozilla

You can access your bookmarks via the Library ,but this takes longer and they aren’t organised in anylogical way.

Thankfully,you can restore the old Bookmarks button. Click the menu button,

go to Customise, then find the Bookmarks icon and drag it to the toolbar.

Place it next to the Library.


mozilla quantum performance

Firefox Quantum’s main selling point is its new browser engine.

Ifyou want to see howfast it is, try Mozilla’s Speedometer . Click the Start Test button to run through a series of tests in a window,

with a progress bar below. Run the test in other browsers to compare the results.


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