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8 usb flash drive ideas to impress your friend


USB flash drives are usually used to store data.

However, there are other things you can do with this pocket-sized drive.

Here are the things you can do with a USB flash drive, apart from storing data.


Boot Operating System

If you want to do more than just run the app, you may want to try to boot the operating system from a USB flash drive.

You can boot Windows or Linux from a USB flash drive, but the process is not an exact science, and you may experience technical adventures. Fortunately, there are some guidelines you can follow

Sign in to Wireless network

If you have a wireless network, you can use the Windows Connect Now ( WCN ) feature in Windows 10 to save the configuration of a wireless network to a USB flash drive.

You can then use the drive to connect other computers or WCN compatible warfare. (such as routers and printers) To learn more about Windows Connect Now, see the help and support that can be accessed from the Start menu.

Create Password Reset Disk

Password reset disk is really useful if you forget your user account password (which is not part of the domain).

If you are in this situation, you can use the password reset disk to reset the password and reuse it to your user account.

In Windows 10, you can use a USB flash drive as a password reset disk

Increase Performance with USB flash drive

usb-readyboost Usb Flash Drive

If you are still using windows 7, you can use USB flash drive to speed up system with ReadyBoost technology.

ReadyBoost can use the storage space on a USB flash drive as an additional memorycache to help cache memory on your hard drive.

Because flash memory is more responsive than a hard disk consisting of moving physical parts, the cache memory provided by ReadyBoost can significantly increase system responsiveness.

Using ReadyBoost is not difficult. You just need to insert a USB flash drive into your computer and follow the instructions to configure and use ReadyBoost.

MP3 player

Do you like listening to music when using a computer at work, but dont have MP3 players?

If so, you can use a USB flash drive as an MP3 player along with Windows Media Player and a set of headphones.

Just copy your MP3 file to USB flash drive, plug it into computer, and Windows Media Player will instantly create library of songs on your drive.

You can use all playback features of Windows Media Player, such as playlists and favorites. And best of all, you do not have to worry about running out of battery.

Running a Website


If you are a web developer then maybe interested in Server2Go. You can run a web server that supports Apache, PHP, MySQL, and Perl directly from a USB drive.

You can use ServerZGo without any installation. ServerZGo can be used on all versions of Windows, supports popular browsers, and is completely free.

For developers, the advantages of having a portable Web server on a USB drive are numerous.

For example you can bring a live demo website into the meeting. For more information about Server2Go, visit the Server2Go website.


Lock the PC

Have you ever seen a movie where a secret agent just inserted and removed the card to get in and out of the PC?

If you think it's a cool thing, then you certainly want to try the Predator application.

Once installed and configured, this freeware utility will allow you to turn your USB flash drive into a key to lock and unlock the computer.

When a USB flash drive is plugged into a computer, everything will work as normal.

However, once the USB flash drive is unplugged, your computer will be locked. The keyboard and mouse will be disabled and the screen is dimmed.

To open the computer, plug in the USB drive, the computer will open, and you can reuse it.


Protect with Password

If you use a USB flash drive to store important data that no one else can see, Rohos Mini Drive can safeguard that data.

With this security tool, you can create a secret partition and then password / encrypt the partition, so that documents copied to the partition will be protected.

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