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How to play Xbox on your PC , anyone can do it !


xboxyou can stream games over your network from your Xbox to your Windows 10 pc.

It’s an ideal factor to do if you’re fighting for management of the front room TV, otherwise you wish to play games on a tool without an HDMI port , I’ve used this to play games on associate degree older VGA-only projector,

for example, and you'll create use of an recent laptop or monitor to require your games anyplace.

Getting started

Start by lining up your kit, You’ll need PC with Windows 10.

as this won’t work with any other OS, and your Xbox One will be need to have the latest updates.

Make sure both devices are hooked up to the same local network ( Wi-Fi ) without some very complicated network re-routing there’s no way to play your games from a remote location, and even if you, could your inputs would be delayed.

Get connected

connected via wifi

wire each machines to your network with an ethernet cable , game streaming works over Wi-Fi , however you will need to drop the standard to make amends for its slower speeds.

A fast powerline networking kit can do the trick if your devices are a protracted means from your router, howeverrecommend making an attempt game streaming over Wi-Fi before creating the investment

Turn On your Xbox

Boot up your X box One and log into your X box Live account.

You may have to enter your password or PIN to do this. Now hit [⇐] on your controller’s D-pad until the console’s vertical menu appears don’t press too many times,

then press [⇓] until you’ve highlighted the cog icon, hit [⇐], and select ‘All settings’ to get to the main X box preferences window.

Start streaming

The streaming options are in the Preferences section.

So head there, hit [A], and select Game DVR & Streaming. Make sure ‘Allow game streaming to other devices’ is ticked , it may be by default, but older consoles may not have this option automatically enabled, as it’s a relatively recent addition that accompanied the release of Windows 10.


Although your Xbox One is set up to stream, it will only work when you are signed into your account , this is not always convenient if someone else is using the TV at the time.

Go to the Account menu, choose ‘Sign-in, security and passkey’, and select the ‘Instant sign-in’ option.

Choose ‘Use instant sign-in’, and your Xbox will be ready to stream to your PC as soon as you switch it on.

Download the app

You’ll access your Xbox One through the Windows 10 Xbox app.

We have come across machines that don’t include it, so in this case use the Store app and search for ‘Xbox’ to download it.

It’s worth accessing the Store and installing updates anyway, as you’ll need to make sure you have the very latest version in order to connect to your Xbox One successfully

on Xbox app

Run the Xbox app, select ‘Sign In’, and you’ll be asked for your Xbox Live login details.

These will need to match the account used on your Xbox One, and the details you use to log into Windows 10.

You can sign into the app independently, but we’ve found this doesn’t always work. An alternative is to set up a new Windows 10 user account and sign in with your Xbox Live details.

Time to stream!

From the main interface of the Xbox app, choose ‘connect’ and select your Xbox One within the list that seems.

Once connected, you’ll be the choice within the main menu of the Xbox app to stream, otherwise you will opt to launch a game from the list and jump right into the action. plug in an Xbox 360 controller, or put on your X box One wireless controller.

How About Quality ?

Depending on the speed of your network you will run into issues at this time, as streaming live video and audio may be quite intensive.

If you’re experiencing unarticulate problems, you'll be able to lower the streaming quality by moving your mouse to the top right icon on the app and choosing a distinct setting.

Even ‘low’ offers acceptable graphics, therefore see what works for you.

Time to play !

play xbox one

You’re all lined up and ready to go, playing X box One games wherever you are in the house.

you’ll find the options you need in the preferences section. But don’t expect to stream over the internet and to your PC at the same time, unless you’ve got a supremely capable network set up at home.

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