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What ( and why ) Is Social Bookmarking So Famous ?


"Bookmark", has a meaning as a bookmark on a book. but this word has been adopted in such a way in cyberspace that it has the sense of marking a URL page.

so that at any time necessary, can return to the page. browsers now generally have this feature. which function using keyboard combination: Ctrl + D. (bookmark this page).

Although bookmarks can be accessed at any time, they can only be used privately in individual browsers.

but what if the bookmark is 'shared' so that it can be accessed between internet users in a website?  maybe that's a bit of a picture of social bookmarking.

Knowing Bookmarking websites

Social bookmarking itself is a method to share and organize a bookmark, from and to fellow internet users. can be 'share' to the public or a group of people.

bookmarks here are not just 'links'. but may include a description accompanied by an image, and still refer to the original source.

for example if you have an article on the website / blog with URL, you can submit the link complete with description on a web that provides social bookmarking service.

Every visitor of the social bookmarking website can see and find the description you have submitted. if you want to read the full article, the end can click on the link to your website.


Social bookmarking websites not only accommodate links and descriptions, but also enriched with interesting features. anything ?

  • Profile / identity

    Social bookmarking also forms a community so not infrequently a web social bookmaring provides the facility to upload photos and write your identity.

  • Photos / Videos

    Communication and information not only in the form of writing / articles, content in the form of photos and videos can also describe a topic with both audio and visual.

  • Value

    Award or appreciation can always be a motivation in a community. this is commonly seen in various forums such as kaskus, indowebster, etc .
    on some social bookmarking websites, appreciation by the community can be provided with a score or rating system. If you like a particular topic, you may find some social bookmarking websites featuring 20 top-rated topics on the front page.

Top 5 best social bookmarking websites

stumbleupon sign up now

StumbleUpon is one of the best social bookmarking that allows you to submit website links on pages already provided. which link you submit will be in separate tags and categories.

social-bookmarking-with-delicious  sign up now

Delicious is one of the top bookmarking sites which will go directly to your site link.

social-bookmarking-with-pinterestsign up now

Pinterest is basically a website where photo sharing can also be regarded as a bookmarking site because it connects your photos directly to your site

social-bookmarking-with-tumblr sign up now

Tumblr is a multiplatform that allows a post from a blog to receive a link directly so it is placed on the category of the best social bookmarking site

social-bookmarking-with-reddit sign up now

Reddit is a container of content from users who will receive links directly. but be careful, if you wrong category, your account threatened will be banned.




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  1. Aaron Sperling says

    Consider the new all-in-one bookmarking service, Lasso,

    It supports social, collaborative, and private bookmarking. It is being used for web research, social content curation, knowledge management and general bookmarking.

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