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thing to keep in mind to create an online store


Nowadays there are already many buying and selling transactions happening on various forums, mailing lists, blogs, until the most popular social networking website today like Facebook.

Imagine Facebook users starting only among Harvard College students, has now jumped to more than 500 million active users, and is expected to continue to grow.

photo displays not only load the user's face but also the products offered through Facebook.

Why need an online store?

When having a product/service, a person needs a means and a place to display it but is constrained, location, cost, infrastructure, and so on. But on the Internet, a place is available with only a relatively small or even free capital.

Therefore, some people just do not bother to rent the place again, but instead looking for what products can be marketed via the Internet.

On the other hand, consumers also have a high interest in products on the Internet, although generally limited to view products based on photos.

But various considerations, such as efficiency, competitive pricing, ease of searching for products, make online shopping popular with many people.

The Origins of E-commerce

The origin of the online shop (online store) is e-commerce.

Commerce or trade is a simple definition, ie the exchange of goods and/or services, which is usually valued with money (can also be a barter system, which is currently not too often done), resulting in buying and selling activities.

The addition of E (electronic / electronic) to e-commerce, refers to electronic media to conduct trade transactions.

Initially, e-commerce means trading using EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) technology, but with growing transactions through credit cards, ATMs or banking phones, computer networks, and of course the Internet, -commerce increasingly widespread.

In conjunction with the Internet, often people interpret e-commerce with the ability to buy various products on the Internet through electronic payment service (payment gateway) equipped with HTTPS protocol.

For example, websites like or eBay. is a mirror of the success of shopping through the Internet.

Online shop is a simpler form, not necessarily through an intermediary, between buyers and sellers can be directly transacted.

What are the components of an online store

Online stores are very popular in recent years and come in many forms. Average loading displays/product catalogs, a Facebook or Twitter account already provides a standard feature of photo gallery management to create an online store containing product catalogs.

But the ideal groove and look is a shopping cart system that adapts the way shopping carts work in the minimarket/supermarkets, where customers can accumulate a list of items to buy in a basket, check out the cashier who will calculate the item's total price, the buyer pays and takes away this item.

Although applying the grooves above, the shopping cart system process is not that simple because between buyers and sellers can be anywhere, can be separated several blocks of houses, or separated by two continents.

The problem is obvious, that goods that have been paid are not directly in the hands of the buyer unless purchased in the form of digital products.

such as vouchers, software, e-books, or similar products that can be downloaded directly.

Therefore, in the shopping cart system, there are generally additional delivery and notification process,

Shopping cart components are generally divided into two parts, namely:

What is Front Office (front-end)

The front view is viewed by the visitor. Contains products and categories, usually equipped with review features/page best sellers, searches from buyers, and so on.

What is Back Office (Back-end)

This section is hidden from the customer and is only used by web shopping cart owners for product database settings, including product/category updates and deletions, discounts, payment security, delivery, and other highly varied features between shopping cart systems one with another.

This application can be either a web-based or a desktop application. The important point is that any changes made will update the Front-end side.

Features Support online store

Internet technology is very dynamic, inevitably website development (including shopping cart) is required to follow.
Here are some features of online store support options, among others:

Friendly URL

Search engine is a guide to direct visitors to stop by your online store, therefore shopping cart website should also be friendly with search engines.

One of them is by giving a friendly URL (also called URL rewriting), so easily detected by search engines, this is one of the SEO techniques (Search Engine Optimization).

cara-membuat-friendly-urlExamples are HTTP: // domain-name URLs. com / 3 843-glasses-see-through will be the more ogled search engine (and human) than for example € id = 3843. The number 3843 is an example which displays the product ID, which is used in data processing applications.


The use of Ajax in the shopping cart will beautify the look and simplify the interface with visitors.

Suppose a product has a variety of color choices, simply by pointing at the available color palette, the product will automatically display according to the selected color.


Bored with the look that's all, the theme function makes the front office appearance. can change in an instant, while still retaining the same features.
tema-wordpressPlugins Modular options can be developed, and the shopping cart system supports plugins in its platform.
Examples of plugins that can be made include installing testimonials, newsletters, online chat, affiliate, payment gateway, and others.

Other factors Technology makes it easy to create your own online store, but the key to success is not completely determined by technology.

Some non-technological factors include :

  • Product/service information is complete and clear.
  • A strength of product/service with competitive price.
  • Good service and interaction with the customer.
  • Delivery on time.
  • Promo offers, discounts, coupons, and various marketing techniques.

Communication is one important part of an online store, therefore various community forums, social networking, or blogs tend to be easy to buy and sell.

Online store creation

To create an online store that has the following shopping cart support features, there are various options depending on your preference.

For web developers, may choose to build their own online store from scratch by doing web-based coding. Even for professional web developers, this is not easy and requires constant development, just like creating a good app/system.

The advantage is, web applications are very flexible and can be modified by the developer down to the smallest part module.

But what if you have no background programming at all?

No need to worry because there are other alternatives, by essentials plugins from a CMS (Content Management System) that supports the creation of online stores.
Examples are Mambo and Joomla! which can use the popular VirtueMart extension in building an online store. VirtueMart looks like this.
Other CMS like WordPress, TYPO3, Drupal have their own plugins to build online stores.

In addition, there is also special software to build shopping cart system, some popular software is osCommerce, Batavi, Magenta, Prestashop, Zen Cart, and many more.

Although making web applications today is much easier with the existence of supporting software, but the various options that are available can be confusing.

The decisive thing in choosing the most suitable software for you is to determine what products/services you want to offer, and see how far the software used is able to realize your dream shop online.

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