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tricks to optimize Google search | How to enter the right keyword


There is a lot of information available on the internet, but how do you find out specifically what you are looking for?

Search engines can search by title, keyword, or text. you can maximize the potential of search engines by recognizing how they work, and how to use them quickly and effectively.

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The challenge is , how to enter the right keywords, so the results are faster in the can and the resulting time is shorter.

Before doing a search, it is important to determine your topic as completely and as concisely as possible. Write down what you are looking for, why you are looking for it, what you do not want to look for.

Here are the tricks to optimize Google search :

Use of keywords

Search engines can use questions to search, but most can work better if you provide multiple keywords.

How to provide keywords in order to produce the best search? usually the user will enter one or five keywords on each search, which is actually less effective for searching.

we recommend using six to eight keywords, carefully selected and preferably nouns and objects. avoid verbs and use modifiers only when it helps you to find objects more precisely,
for example if you are looking for "chicken satay" rather than just "sate". the results could be more specific.

Use meta search


Starpage and surfwax are good metasearch tools to start research, although the results are rarely as good as popular search engines (google).

Metasearch is suitable for deepening a topic and collecting keywords and other information. After using the metasearch tools, refine the search results by using other search tools.

Use of phrases

The most powerful keyword combinations are phrases. a phrase is a combination of two or more that must be found in the document you are looking for with an ever order as entered.

Enter the phrase "chicken curry" on search engines in quotation marks.

some search engines provide specific options for phrases. however, keep in mind, that not all search engines allow using phrases in quotation marks. check the "help" section of search engines to make sure.

use more specific terms

The words you choose will determine the information you find. because some words generally have more than one meaning, so please be advised if the search results are not as perfect as you'd expect.

however, try using specific words and describing what you are looking for.

Use the directory

As used by Yahoo, group sites into categories. Use this category to focus your search.

use the minus (-) sign to get more specific results

Words that have several meanings can bring many undesirable results.

The minus sign (-) can omit it by narrowing down the search. As in the Apple inc example, you can use Apple -inc to release company-related results or caterpillar -inc -cat to further refine the search.

use some search engines

Each search engine is different and will give different results. if you can not find what search engines look for,  you can use other search engines like yahoo, bing, yandex. etc

avoid general terms on punctuation

Common terms like "a" and "the" are called stop words and are usually ignored. punctuation is also usually ignored.

but there are exceptions. general terms and punctuation should be used when searching for a phrase inside quotation marks.

there are situations where general terms such as the meaning significant, for example, raven and the raven will show different results. search engines are not case sensitive.

Eliminate the Suffix

It's usually best to include a basic word just so you do not ignore the relevant page. for example, snake alone do not snakes, just move do not use moved.

unless you are focused on removal actions for example, then enter the entire word moving.

Maximize Auto Complete

Narrowing down the keywords from general to custom will show the search results closer and the most efficient way is to use autocomplete.

choosing the appropriate keyword when it appears will save you time typing. you have several options to use the autocomplete feature.

Use Google autocomplete, usually will display a list of suggestions provided google search engine, this option is useful to find the same search and related.

take advantage of browser history

you can try to remember the words previously used to search and then see the results to get the right site, however, there is a fast way.

if you can remember the date and time of search, you can search the web page in history on your web browser.

Use CTRL + F to navigate search results

It is often difficult to understand why a site can fit in search results.

Feature find or ctrl F will speed you in searching text on the site and find certain keywords.

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