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Ways To Learn Search Engine Effectively


Search engines are software that allows you to identify locations or sites on the internet that contain the words you are looking for.

you can enter one or more words and ask search engines to search for the word.

Each time a word is found, the address is stored to be displayed to the URL, it must register the location address to the search engine.

The power of search engines depends heavily on how many URLs are stored in the Database.

Speed ​​affects

The comparison between search engines is currently inconclusive. the speed of search engines will vary greatly in line with increasing the number of locations sought.

Use a search engine that combines a wide database with fast search capabilities. With the other search engines being developed, the speed will become more diverse.

Level of Relevance

Most search engines try to identify the results closest to your search by providing a degree of relevance or confidence. Each has an assessment methodology that covers the following criteria:

  • The number of words appears on the page.
  • The actual number of words that appears.
  • A word that seldom produces a higher score.
  • Search engine software quickly sorting millions of pages into the database to find matches for queries.
  • How unique is the term.

How does the search engine work?

crawl-webcrawl web It should be noted that search engines are not simple, there are very detailed processes and methodologies that are updated every time.

All search engines follow the basic process while searching, but because of differences in the search engines, there must be different results depending on the engine used.

Search engines automatically create lists of websites using Spiders who crawl a web page, index the information, and optimally follow that site's link to another page.

'Spider' returns to a site that is already in 'crawl' with enough regularity to check whether there are any updates or changes.

and everything found by 'spyder' will go to the search engine database.

Finding information with the web Crawl

The website is like a library that is always growing rapidly with billions of books and there is no central filing system. Google uses software known as 'crawl' the web (web crawler) to find publicly available web pages.

'Crawl' view the web page and follow the link on the page, just as if you see the content on the website.

They switch from link to another link and bring data about the web page back to Google servers.


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