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Everything You Need To Know About White Hat Seo Vs Black Hat Seo


What is the contested position? No other is a position on the Search Engine Return Page or abbreviated SERP (search engine result pages), which is a list of web pages generated by search engines when we type a certain keyword.

Who would not be proud if his website was at the top of google. Com? Implementing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is an important point to achieve it, or at least to make your website popular enough in search engines.

Anyone can apply a variety of SEO techniques, which are then divided up
two big parts, namely Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO.

The terms black hat and white hat are commonly known among hackers. White hat shows a good character and in accordance with ethics.

On the contrary, black hat SEO shows an evil character who does not care about ethics.

Before discussing what is done by black hat SEO and white hat SEO, here is a little understanding about the things that play the role of SEO techniques.


The results of the SERP (search engine result pages) displayed by the search engines are very dependent on the keywords typed.

Through keywords, search engines determine whether a web page is related to what the user is looking for.

Variations in the possible keyword and rapid development of information, demanding search engines to be smarter and faster in understanding and handling any typed keywords.


Search Engine

Search engines have grown hugely along with the tremendous growth of the Internet. From the user side, may not be too pronounced because in using search engines from the first until now just typing the keyword.

Note, however, that search engines internet keywords not only to search for content in text form, but also in search of images, videos, or searches in certain segments.

Another example is seen by typing the following keyword in Google:

  • Type in keyword "technology". In addition to generating links and descriptions, Google also displays the image, as shown in Figure 1.

    seo optimization
    Figure 1
  • Type keyword "london". In addition to generating links and descriptions, Google also displays folders, as shown in Figure 2.




Backlinks (also called incoming links, inbound links) are links to websites located on other websites.

To multiply backlinks, several ways can be done, among others:

  • Exchanging links (link exchange) with other websites.
  • Posting links (sometimes partially or complete articles) on third party websites,
  • such as social bookmarking / news websites (eg Facebook, and others.
  • A website with good articles can become popular, as many people post the link as a reference on their website.


White Hat SEO

white hat seo

SEO apply techniques to boost your website position on SERP, for that understanding of how search engines work is important.

White Hat SEO is a "straight" path and follows the search engine guidelines.

Generally, white hat SEO creates content intended for visitors, and makes it accessible to search engine spiders easily.

Some white hat SEO techniques will be discussed as follows :


Content Optimization

"Content is the king" is an indisputable fact. Quality content is clearly more desirable than bad content.

Perhaps the word "content" sounds simple, but actually has very wide coverage in relation to website pages.

Content can be text, image, sound, video, map, and so on.

Even if your content is text only, give it a good look on the reader by using appropriate elements, such as bulleted list / number to describe key points,

Avoid using underline (without hyperlinks) if it is potentially confusing to the reader. Because generally, people tend to think the underlined word is a clickable link.

In the past, there are still many who hesitate to insert images (video / sound) into the page for fear of slow page loading.

But, this time of course there are many people who have no trouble opening a page that has pictures, although it must be maintained, the balance of the proportion of the file size and the quality and number of images.

Although search engines like Google are able to display special search results in the form of images (Google Images), in fact it is still searching for text.

A gadget image with the name of gadget.jpg will be recognized by search engines as gadget.

The use of filenames is also important, Descriptive filenames like gadget_VR.jpg (recommended using - / dash as word separator), are certainly easier to understand by search engines than names like DSC_054.jpg which are generally created automatically if the image is from a digital camera.

We recommend that you provide a description of the image. as an example

<img src> "images / mountains on Java island .jpg alt =" mountains as one of the tourist attractions "width = 200 height = 100

The alt tag in the above example is used to write the description of the displayed image.

Although it may not be significant for search engines, it is quite meaningful as information for readers who happen to be unable to see the displayed image (could be inadvertently deactivating the image, or if the image has been deleted / unavailable for some reason).

Finally, creating great content will attract the attention and motivation of people to link your articles, called on discussion forums, blogs, and other websites.

It will automatically deliver quality backlinks.

Quality backlinks

Not just content that can be optimized, the quality of backlinks can also be upgraded to make your website more popular, and useful for visitors.

You may often see various websites that provide a collection of links on the sidebar.

In order to provide convenience for website visitor, you should not focus on the number of backlinks, but focus on quality.

How to create quality backlinks?

Imagine yourself as a visitor, looking at a website with a specific theme (eg games, hardware, politics, or otherwise).

If there is a link installed on the web, of course you hope the link will lead you to a similar website or web content that has information

which are related. This is a link that is expected by visitors and quality, has the spirit of "this is the recommended link to be seen !" 

The quality of backlinks is not mirrored by the quantity or number of links attached to a website.

Therefore Iika want to exchange links, you should, see the relevance between your website content and web content with whom you do link exchange.

Backlinks can also be created as part of the article content in the form of anchor text, like a word in a book that has footnotes, so readers can find more complete information about the word.

Anchor text has a high weight in search engine algorithms, so do not hesitate to redirect links containing information contained on other websites that are worthy to be recommended.

does the "title" affect rankings ?

How often are you interested in reading a book or article after reading the title?

The title is the first impression that can get people interested to see further.

On an HTML page, the title can be placed between the <title> and </ title> tags and will appear on search engines.

The title looks pretty flashy and can affect people to click on it.

Some websites do not pay attention to this and install a static title for all accessible pages.

You can consider creating dynamic titles according to the content of the pages accessed, thereby allowing people to find more pages of your website through search engines.

Google (and other search engine averages) only take a portion of the titles ( about 70 characters) to display in search results.

So, look for words that are interesting but not too long for the title, some CMS can do that automatically, by taking the title of the article as the title of the page.

local Search

Search engines today can also search for geographical locations that are useful for business, including address, city, zip code, until latitude and longitude coordinates.

This search is called local search, or you can analogize it like a yellow page.

google business
Figure 5

for example by typing the keyword "italian restaurant" on Results that show local search look like in Figure 5.

Search engine services like Google Places can be used for those of you who have a website with a business location, by registering place and place information on Google Places, will allow potential customers to find you in Google Maps.

This is also done Yahoo! On Local (, and some other search engines.

Black Hat SEO

black hat seo

Black hat SEO trying to use unethical ways and often try to outsmart the way search engine to get ranked.

Of course this has risks, if the search engines know that you are implementing incorrect ways, and penalties that may cause your website are not allowed to be listed on search engines.

Some things that trigger the motivation to black hat SEO, among others :

  • Feel the way white hat SEO too long provide significant results, so do black hat SEO as a shortcut
  • Priority to earn money rather than provide good content.
  • Search for weaknesses of search engines.

Some of the techniques that will be discussed below, generally done by black hat SEO, although it is not impossible among white hat SEO can take certain techniques in the limits that are still ethical and does not harm the user.

But be careful, because if search engine algorithms find certain things that are considered unethical, can lead to decreased rankings, your website or not listed again in the index search engine.


Understanding spamdexing can be analogous to the following scenarios :

"there is a large library that stores many books. Every day a robot searches every book at high speed, and indexes.

If someone comes and wants to search for a particular topic, the robot can recommend a relevant book without the person searching through all the books in the library.In doing the index, the robot is fixated on the word / phrase on the book without understandingthat is, then there is a thick book filled with popular words that are repeated without meaning, the robot actually put the "garbage" book is on a high priority, and recommends visitors to the library.Of course, visitors will be disappointed if you get the book."


If the analogy is lifted to the Internet world, the robot is a search engine, the books are every web page, people who come to the library are visitor who type keywords in search engines, and the "garbage" book  it is spamdexing (web spam), which created by black hat SEO to outwit search engines, and ultimately harming visitors.

Spam pages in the form of content or links make the search engine function to provide accurate and useful information to be reduced, therefore the search engine algorithm is continually improved to cope with this.

Keyword stuffing

Because SERP is very dependent on the keywords that users typed, SEO black hat trying to write as many keywords on the website page.

This is known as keyword stuffing and is one of spamdexing practices.

In HTML, there are elements / meta tags used to describe web pages, for example note the following HTML snippet:

<meta name = "keyword"
content = "food, fried bananas, drinks" />

The HTML code above shows the use of keyword attributes. In the example, the keyword appears to lead to food.

This is a meta data and not visible directly by visitors, but rather in, designated for search engines in order to categorize the website pages correctly.

Keyword stuffing tries to fool search engines by entering various keywords in large and repetitive quantities, Even sometimes not relevant to the content.
As a result, users are often directed to spam websites.

Currently, keyword attributes no longer have as significant impact as they once were. Search engines are not providing support or great weight.

In addition to keyword attributes, meta elements also have other attributes, such as description, language, robots.

Some of them may still have weights that are taken into account in search engine algorithms, and also can not be separated from manipulation efforts by black hat SEO.

However, search engines through their robots generally have the ability to categorize web pages based on characteristics such as relevance, repetition, uniqueness of content, and so on.

In addition to using metadata, keyword stuffing can also be included in the content.

Users who become victims will see a page full of keywords, but do not provide useful information.

Hidden Text

Another black hat SEO technique in spamming is by making the text invisible or hidden from users using various ways such as writing text in the same color as the background, writing the text behind the image, or putting it in a position that the screen does not reach.

keyword stuffing

The purpose of this text remains like spamdexing techniques, so that search engines read and index the text, although from the visitor views , the website looks as if it does not contain spam.

Hidden text can be created with various HTML / CSS techniques

link Farm

One other form of spamdexing is link farm. As the name implies, a link farm is a web page containing a "garden" link.


Here is one of the link farm page views. In this example, the link farm of purposive is positioned at the bottom of the website so it is not immediately visible to visitors, but can be read by search engines.

At first glance, it appears not to harm visitors, but imagine visitors who enter the page in the hope of finding the information sought, did not get it!

Although it is possible to create a link farm manually, but generally the link farm is created with a program / script or a particular service.

Until now, search engines are not completely able to prevent it, and make some websites containing link farm got featured on the start page of SERP.

In addition to creating link farm pages, black hat SEO can also spread spam containing links on other blogs or websites, especially on HTML input elements contained in guestbook features, comments, or forums.

This leads to web security issues because often malicious programs take advantage of the weakness of the target website, thus allowing spam or script injection.

Including the spread of spam links to e-mails that have accumulatively seized enormous bandwidth.

Doorway Page

The so-called doorway page is a page that contains little content, but contains certain keywords / fuse to attract search engines without being considered spam.

Generally, doorway pages contain links that lead to other pages, so the overall doorway page is a low quality web page, and certainly not expected by the user.


Server side scripts such as PHP, Perl, and so on, have the ability to detect the visitor's IP.

Maybe you often meet an outside website that seems to know you are from united states, and display ads or information in the english language.

images by :

This is because the website recognizes the geographical location through your IP.

With the same working principle, cloaking technique is done. This technique generally divides the visitor into two categories, the regular visitors (human) or robot / spider search engine.

Surely this kind of website comes with a list of IPs which are considered robots.

If IP visitor detected as a robot, it will be given a "special" page for search engines, such as a doorway page for search engine robots to take the keyword page.

Conversely, if IP visitor not include IP list (assume visitor is human), then given main page.

The cloaking technique does not allow users to view pages like doorway pages, but can still be annoying if the information users expect is not found, because search engines are fooled by cloaking and indexing pages that may not be relevant to what people see.

Implementation of cloaking can lead to web page hijacking (page hijacking).

Imagine if a page that is directed to search engine spiders by cloaking method is a duplicate page of a news website.

It could be the page is indexed and appear on the SERP, but when clicked by the user, then the page that appears on the user is not relevant.

Some black hat SEO techniques do not last long, although new techniques can be found.

White hat SEO techniques are generally more enduring, especially because in principle white hat SEO is nothing but a well designed website.

The indicator is easy, how comfortable the builder is on your website. In fact, often popular website owners just do not really understand SEO techniques or even do not know the term SEO at all, just capitalize the desire share and the ability to display information that interest visitors, unconsciously in have done SEO well!

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