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11 features you never know about control center iOS 11


Regardless of what you’re doing on your iPhone or iPad, you can access Control Center to have quick access to popular iOS 11 features and functions, as well as some of the most commonly used apps. Some of the default options available from Control Center include the following:

Airplane Mode

Quickly turn on/off Airplane mode on your iPhone or iPad by tapping on this icon.


Turn Wi-Fi on or off with a single tap, without having to access Settings.


Turn Bluetooth on or off so that your iPhone or iPad can link to Bluetooth devices it has already been paired with.

Do Not Disturb

Manually turn on/off the Do Not Disturb feature after you’ve customized this option in Settings.

Rotation Lock

Normally, when you rotate your iPhone or iPad sideways, the screen automatically switches from portrait to landscape mode. To prevent this from happening when the phone or tablet is rotated, turn on the Rotation Lock feature by tapping on its icon.


Use the rear-facing camera flash on the back of your iPhone or iPad Pro as a flashlight. Turn it on or off by tapping the flashlight icon

Music Controls

Tap the Play/Pause, Fast Forward, or Rewind icon to control the currently playing music (via the Music app or another compatible app). When applicable, the song’s title and artist is displayed in conjunction with the music controls.

Volume Control

Adjust the volume control for your iPhone or iPad’s built-in speakers or the headphones or speakers linked to your mobile device.

Screen Brightness

Manually adjust the screen’s brightness using this slider.


Launch the Camera app.

Home App Controls

If you have your iPhone or iPad set up to wirelessly control “smart” devices in your home such as lighting, the thermostat, or appliances and the “smart” devices are HomeKit compatible, you’re able to control multiple “smart” devices from the Home app.

Press the Home app icon within Control Center to access the Home app’s widget, which offers one-touch shortcuts for managing “smart” equipment.


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